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What are Bigtera VirtualStor™ products?

Bigtera VirtualStor™ products are Software Defined Storage (SDS), specially designed for huge storage capacity, whose size can be expanded according to the requirements of capacity and performance.

What are the benefits of Software-Defined Storage (SDS)?

The advantage of SDS is the flexible scalability and eligibility for fast-growing enterprises or organizations. Unlike traditional Scale-up architecture storage, which can only expand storage space, SDS with Scale-out architecture has no expansion limit and no performance bottleneck while storage nodes expanding.

Additionally, SDS supports more storage protocols, suitable for various scenarios, such as AI/Machine Learning, Big Data, etc.

What are the applications of Bigtera VirtualStor™ products?

The common scenarios are as follows:

1.Virtualization, VDI, and hybrid cloud environments

2.File sharing, backup and archiving

3.Demands for huge files such as multimedia, and broadcasting industries

4.Big data, AI/machine learning and other unstructured data and applications that require high performance computing

Can you briefly introduce the features of VirtualStor™ Scaler?

Scaler is Software-Defined Storage based on standard x86 server, which scales out storage as demands. Scaler can also consolidate legacy storage and seamlessly migrate data so that investment of legacy storage would not be wasted.

Can you briefly introduce the features of VirtualStor™ Converger?

Converger is a hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) product, combining computing and storage resources. It’s turnkey solution to build a data center. It is perfect solution for innovation and development/ testing. Converger scales out capacity and performance as demands.

What is the difference between Bigtera VirtualStor™ products and traditional storage solutions?

Compared with traditional storage systems such as SAN/NAS, Bigtera VirtualStor™ products can scale out storage nodes to improve both performance and storage capacity. It also supports SAN/NAS and other storage protocols, such as NFS, Amazon S3, etc. So it’s a perfect choice for applications including AI/Machine Learning and Big Data.