Challenges of Healthcare Industry Solution

Trend of Smart Healthcare

After years of development, information digitization has been widely adapted in main systems such as HIS, PACS, LIS and EMR.

Unstructured data storage

Medical service networks often supports >100 information systems, with data size is growing close to PB level, and usually contains large amounts of unstructured data.

Security of healthcare storage

Problems in information systems could bring major impact to the stability in hospital operation, or even result in systems breakdown.

Management of data life cycle

To save cost and reduce risk by leveraging advanced ILM mythology, as well as ensuring the safety and availability of data and applications in the hospital system.

Healthcare solutions

Healthcare solutions

VirtualStor® software-defined storage system is a distributed storage architecture, and provides high-performance SAN/NAS/object storage services to fulfill storage requirements in various healthcare scenarios.

Highlights of Healthcare Industry Solution

Highly converged storage solutions

Features the Bigtera high-performance distributed object storage architecture and integrates file, block and object storage.

Distributed horizontal expansion architecture

File storage provides storage services for storing large data based on distributed architecture with no limitation in capacity expansion.

Data protection strategies

Supports multiple protection levels including RAID, replica and erasure code, and offers remote replication between clusters for disaster recovery to ensure data safety.

Data lifecycle management strategy

Supports data life cycle management and tiering between SSD/HDD/Blue-Ray disks, to ensure PACS data availability and integrity.

Successful Cases of Healthcare Industry Solution

Experimental institutions

Medical Schools

System integrator

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