Challenges of Financial Services Industry Solution

Marketing Challenges

As the largest purchaser of IT technology, financial service industry is facing considerate challenges in the market, Internet and macroeconomic.

Demands for digital marketing

The revenue proportion of digital new business to tradition business is increasing. And yet, it sometimes even goes beyond that of traditional business.

Continuous changes in data center

As the support platform of financial business, data centers are constantly transforming to be more flexible, agile and fast iterative.

Demands for agile applications

Corporate R&D, testing system, data backup and archiving are turning to the X86 platforms, an elastic in scaling and open software-defined distributed architecture.

Financial industry solution

Financial industry solution

Bigtera provides all-flash-arrays, hyper-converged infrastructure and software-defined storage products, able to be flexibly combined according to the requirements of diverse application scenarios, providing complete solutions featuring high performance, reliability and flexibility.

Highlights of Financial Services Industry Solution

High Reliabiliy

In this scheme, RAID, elastic multi-copy and erasure code are applied to realize various guarantees.

High performance

In the high-performance distributed architecture, each server is a storage controller, and cluster performance increases linearly with the number of nodes.

Easy to deploy

Installation and deployment can be completed in 20 minutes. The standard x86 architecture helps reducing the complexity of IT management.

High availability

Data and services are fully protected by cluster from failures caused by any hardware components.

Successful Cases of Financial Services Industry Solution

Insurance industry

Small and medium-sized banks

Securities industry

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