Challenges of Education Industry Solution

The lag of traditional IT

With the continuous growth and rapid development of information volume, the school relies on IT system more significantly.

Information management

The demand for unstructured data, including security monitoring and online teaching, is increasing.

Trend of intelligent education

The intelligent education is characterized by digitalization, networking, intelligence and multimedia. It changes the traditional pattern with information technology.

High cost of intelligentlization

The cost of intelligentization in school is increased owing to the purchase of equipment and the construction of data center along with the maintenance and the personnel training.

Application solutions for education

Application solutions for education

There are diversified types applied in school. Requirements for diverse storage capacity model consist in different applicable types, unable to be satisfied by a single set of SAN storage or NAS.

Highlights of Education Industry Solution

Flexible storage

Hyper-converged infrastructure provides virtualization and storage in one platform.

Unified storage

Supports various protocols and meets the needs for block storage, file storage and object storage.

Scale-out Architechure

Allows for horizontal expansion of capacity and performance without paying for subsequent requirements.

Reduce costs

Reduces the cost of deploying and managing external public storage resources by consolidating local hard disks in virtual servers.

Successful Cases of Education Industry Solution



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