Challenges of Media Industry Solution

Development of integrated media

With the rapid expansion of domestic demand for UHD, the production and broadcasting of UHD signals have become the mainstream for such traditional mass media as TV stations.

Integrated data resource sharing

Integrate data more effectively to ensure the security of data and to be capable of pulling and backing up data whenever necessary.

Low reliability and security

The security processing in the storage equipment of traditional enterprise IT system can not fully meet the needs of the development of modern technology.

Difficult to expand capacity on demand

The explosive growth of data puts forward higher requirements for the rapid responses to storage requests.

Online editing solution of Ultra HD video

Online editing solution of Ultra HD video

VirtualStor integrates media storage solution, NAS, SAN and Object storage can be generated in the same storage cluster at the same time. All of them support main storage protocols.

Media asset management

Media asset management

Through the Software-Defined Storage technology, the storage resources on the physical devices are integrated into a unified resource pool, which provides more elastic storage characteristics.

Converged Media Platform

Converged Media Platform

The hyper-converged infrastructure platform contains a small file integrating "new media"; as well as a large file integrating "traditional media". The mass data storage of fusion media is consisted of various types of files, including videos, pictures, texts and other types.

Highlights of Media Industry Solution


Hyper-converged storage solution can create NAS, SAN and Object storage in the same storage cluster at the same time.

High performance

Automatically judge the difference between large IO and small IO, intelligently select the best path of IO, and effectively improve the life of SSD

Old equipment

Manage the traditional FC-SAN, iSCSI and other protocol storage as well as rapidly integrate the three-party storage into a unified platform

On demand storage

The data heat of files can be analyzed. According to the results, the cold and hot state of the data can be transformed and stored on demand.

Successful Cases of Media Industry Solution

TV station


District and county integrated media

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