Challenges of Archiving Solution

Massive file storage

With the rapid growth of data and the continuous development of the Internet, massive file storage has become a huge challenge.

The proliferation of unstructured data

At present, the amount of unstructured data has accounted for more than 60% of the total data. For hyperscale data centers, the unstructured data may exceed 80% of its capacity.

The integration of hardware resources

More and more enterprises request to make better use of the existing hardware resources, achieve system compatibility as well as the unified scheduling of resources.

Data security and network security

There is a large amount of effective information in the network, but also a large amount of hostile content. Once loopholes emerge, it tends to create data and network security.

Archive industry application scenarios

Archive industry application scenarios

According to the characteristics of massive data analysis and process in the current industry, the planning concept of data storage is also part of the cloud storage architecture scheme for the data center.

Advantages of Archiving Solution

Zero copy technology

With zero copy technology, data can be backed up rapidly, and the preparation before archiving is able to be completed.

File merging improves performance

With reasonable resource configuration and task configuration, a large number of small files and their effect can be archived at the same time.

File life cycle management

After being filed, the life cycle can be set, so that the security of file data before filing can be guaranteed theoretically.

Final technology of optical disc

The final technology of optical disc is adopted. When the capacity of optical disc is full, the final technology is applied to ensure the data safety.

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