Challenges of Big Data Solution

The value of data resources

There are such phenomena as blindly investing in hardware facilities, ignoring the accumulation of data resources and the utilization of value mining.

Technological innovation and support

Big data is the necessity to support the complete chain of information industry from the bottom chip to the basic software and to the application analysis software.

Data resource construction and application

Users generally don't pay attention to the construction of data resources. Even most data-conscious organizations only concern about the simple storage of data.

Data security and management system

Lack of data ownership, privacy and other relevant laws and regulations as well as information security, open sharing and other standards and specifications.

Big Data Solution

Big Data Solution

Massive data poses a problem that modern IT management must face. Among them, the big data and artificial intelligence analysis are necessary means for modern enterprises while making business decisions.

Advantages of Big Data Solution

Elastic expansion

VirtualStor series are equipped the required data transmission capacity for big data applications through their excellent scalability.

Massive and efficient

VirtualStor series provide sufficient performance support for big data computing based on the characteristics of flash SSD acceleration.

Data security

VirtualStor series are furnished with encryption services for storage data with Intel aes-ni encryption technology.

Data backup

VirtualStor series apply the remote data replication methods, allowing to replicate local data to the remote end in the asynchronous mode.

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