Challenges of Cloud Solution


The backup centric converged solutions cannot achieve seamless expansion and multi-site/ multi-cloud capabilities, and also the associated costs are not perfect or easily controlled.

Private cloud

The private cloud needs to be scaled out, which isn't as complex as that of SDS solutions. Enterprises do not need to adjust a large number of parameters when the storage failures occur.

Hybrid cloud

A real hybrid cloud solution should be able to minimize the cost of cloud computing by reducing storage space, optimizing hybrid storage media and minimizing network traffic.


To deploy applications on multicloud, enterprises need a solution that can be integrated with multiple cloud platforms to help enterprises avoid the trouble of data migration.

Cloud storage solution

Cloud storage solution

Bigtera Virtualstor storage features powerful cloud backup and archiving functions. The cloud backup function can backup local NAS folders or S3 buckets to common cloud object storage services

Advantages of Cloud Solution

Cross cloud storage

With Amazon S3 or openstack swift protocol, VirtualStor series are able to break the boundary between private and public clouds,

Data security

VirtualStor series are equipped with encryption services for stored data with Intel AES-NI encryption technology.

Efficient storage

VirtualStor series furnish a variety of data services to maximize the utilization of storage resources.

Seamless compatibility

Treat VirtualStor and its cloud archive storage as a single namespace.

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