Challenges of Virtualization Solution

Complex, Diverse, Challenging to Manage

Network, computing, and storage resources cannot be managed and monitored through a single interface.

Performance Bottleneck

When applications and operating systems are installed directly on hardware servers, this causes uneven distribution of hardware resources and performance bottleneck.

Complex Structures, Difficulty for Expansion

In the face of future growth requirements, costly resources are often required as a solution for expansion.

Resources Cannot Meet the Requirements of Diverse Applications

Providing diverse, highly usable services and data storage interfaces to corporations are key challenges of corporate IT.

Virtual Management Platform

Virtual Management Platform

The uniform use of virtualization and container management platforms has become indispensable for corporate IT departments in meeting the requirements of corporate growth.

Advantages of Virtualization Solution

Resource Integration

Integrates network, computing, and storage resources and contains functions, i.e. high usability, horizontal expansion, backup, and recovery

Data Security

Provides data storage in multiple instances or EC models as well as data backup and document grade data recovery functions

Expand Based on Need

The computing and storage resources can be expanded independently based on a client’s actual requirements.

Unified Management

Easy to deploy with simple installation and user interface options. Users can log in through a single web page to manage resources.

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