VirtualStor™ ConvergerOne


VirtualStor™ ConvergerOne integrates computing, storage, and network resources, and provides an IT architecture that can deliver services agilely with low operation and maintenance costs.

VirtualStor™ ConvergerOne

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Product Advantage


A virtualization platform with unified management interface


Provides high performance storage with scale out capability


An ideal infrastructure platform to run various application instances

VirtualStor™ ConvergerOne
VirtualStor™ ConvergerOne

Easy and fast deployment

A turn-key ready infrastructure platform

Best fit for your digital transformation needs

Application Scenario

Radio and television

4K / HD editing, warm data, optical magnetoelectric, integrated media, backup system, media AI and big data storage solutions


PACS, optical magnetoelectric, medical network, medical AI and big data storage solutions


Educational video recording, college TV station, database fusion, campus network, educational AI and big data storage solutions