Company Profile

Company Profile
Bigtera, the pioneer and leader in software-defined storage platforms and solutions, is a brand of Silicon Motion Technology Corp. (NasdapGS: SIMO) for software defined storage products.
Bigtera’s mission is to incorporate corporate infrastructure into the free world of software defined. Traditional data centers are confined to the limitations of infrastructure, turning the storage devices into information islands while meeting diverse enterprises’ needs to purchase different storage equipment. Due to the operational inflexibility of traditional storage, it fails to fulfill the needs for large-scale data applications and cloud computing.
Bigtera’s VirtualStor™ series includes software-defined storage, hyper-converged infrastructure and all-flash arrays. It serves as the leading software defined storage platform in the industry integrating high performance with high availability. Full-line products possess infinite horizontal scalability, linearly boosting up the performance of the whole storage clusters while expanding the storage capacity. The products offer the progressive scalability of infrastructure as businesses grow. VirtualStor™ series is capable of offering the ideal solutions for both traditional industries require big data storage and emerging applications such as high performance computing, AI and machine learning etc.
Currently, Bigtera has gone deep into such industries as media, education, financial service and healthcare etc. Bigtera will keep working together with partners from various industries, constructing a more complete industry development eco-system. With advanced technology, well-developed products and excellent logistic services, Bigtera is devoted to offering clients end-to-end solutions, extensively applying to the scenarios including cloud, big data, archiving and virtualization.